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Fly The Coop

Mark's new CD is now available on CDBaby! It has an old-school roots sound with a modern appeal...think Johnny Cash meets Ryan Adams.

Mark Gothard: Fly the Coop

The Poet

This disc could be said to have the, "Hope of John Lennon, the sorrow of Leonard Cohen, the truth of Tom Waits, and the balls of Johnny Cash!"

Mark Gothard: The Poet

Perfectly Imperfect

The acclaimed single recorded with award-winning producer Lauren Stalnecker.

Mark Gothard: Perfectly Imperfect

Vault Songs

Unique relics taken from the vault of Terry "T-Bags" Bailey - alt-folk tunes that will make you think of Buddy Holly or a dark Roy Orbison!

Mark Gothard: Vault Songs


Mark's CD "Midnight" is here and available for sale on CDBaby! A collection of "songs you would sing drunk, with your arm around a stranger at a dive bar, close to last call," these songs represent a collection of old songs written on napkins at bars, in parking lots, in alleyways at 3 am. Check it out!

Mark Gothard: Midnight

Poppy Fields & Pearls

A safehaven or good place to be - come rest your ears in an oasis of overtones of Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty.


Mark Gothard: Poppy Fields and Pearls

Mark's Debut CD - Dead Reckoning

Mark's first album - the title means "travel without the use of visible landmarks" - feeling your way through space and time...a soul journey if you will!

Mark Gothard: Dead Reckoning

"Poppy Fields and Pearls" on iTunes

The disc, the songs, available for sale digitally on everyone's friend, iTunes.

"Dead Reckoning" available on iTunes

This first album of mine made digital by Apple iTunes. Just a little help while "travelling without guidance"!

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