by Mark Gothard

Released 2009
Released 2009
Songs you would sing drunk, with your arm around a stranger at a dive bar, close to last call.
Here's my story. I started writing songs when I was in college. I was a kid then, and did things for the sake of doing them - everything was an open door. Almost all of the songs I wrote then reflect that.

I graduated and stumbled around the country, living in some pretty interesting areas including hermit-like in the forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains and grizzly-like in the rough hills of Jackson, Wyoming. The songs I wrote during that time differed from the songs I wrote in college in the sense that I was no longer a meek adolescent but part of "the world" - reality had changed from a sweet-sounding violin to, at times, a screaming siren (in my ear). The songs I wrote during that time illustrate my change.

After my time in Jackson, I got serious and decided not to let life be something that was "beyond" me but stand up and try to live in a way that reflected what I thought to be true. I've recently started writing songs in the sense that they're not songs I need to write but songs I choose to write.

My newest release, "Midnight", is an album I’ve been waiting for years to put out. Unlike "Poppy Fields and Pearls" and "Dead Reckoning", which are a collection of songs taken while movin’ round the U.S. and ones taken while idle in L.A., "Midnight" is basically an assortment of songs from college that I wrote. This album is very “of the moment” – these are songs that I wrote on napkins at bars, in parking lots, in alleyways at 3 a.m. I needed to write these songs in some ways, for my own well-being at the time. The album is entitled "Midnight" not only after the title track of the album, but because it marks the time of my life when the clock rings a new hour: youth has given way to manhood, and this album is dedicated to the past and the emerging future. The passion contained in this album I believe is infectious, and I think you will be able to relate to at least some of the feelings, emotions, and sentiments contained within. Thanks for your ears.

Mark Gothard

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